Meet The Trainers

Sasha Buy– an experienced trainer and instructor with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals.

Ellie Bryant –  an enthusiastic, professional trainer, driving people to achieve more than they could by themselves.

At On Form we understand how personal this journey is. That is why our nutrition and training is always bespoke to you. We will make sure you stay motivated and focused, even when we are not there by your side, ensuring that you are in the best health you can be.

Training with us will not only make you feel stronger and fitter but also healthier and more energised. We train and support clients throughout Shropshire and our promise is to train and guide you through your diet and lifestyle.  Fad diets and sporadic training are very hard to maintain – changing a lifestyle will give you much more chance of success.

On Form Fitness aims to help people reach a new level of fitness, in a fun but challenging environment.

Sessions are focussed to help reach your goals, designed personally around your experience and what you enjoy, giving you the knowledge and motivation to become more active and healthy.

To see how On Form can help you achieve your goals, get in touch today > 

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